Hola, I'm José Roberto
I take photographs, write poetry, and ride bikes.
I'm a portraiture photographer. I take pictures of people. To find joy and meaning for every single one of us. To enjoy this mysterious, extraordinary, difficult, beautiful, complicated gift called life.
I also serve as a photojournalist for nonprofits. My journey is a story of grace, compassion, and a mission to be a force for good in the world.
I love poetry. It open us up and frees us to see things in new ways. I write poems to reclame this ancient, beautiful, provocative, healing, inspired art form. To explore the spirituality of wonder.
My favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings is going out to ride my bike. It's quiet. And you're fully present, there, in the moment, and nowhere else, feeling a life worth living. It's perfect.
La paz con vos.
Thank you!